Catheon Gaming CEO Update (25–April–23)

Welcome to Catheon Gaming’s bi-weekly update. In this edition, we’ll discuss recent progress, highlights from the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC), and gaming industry trends. Additionally, we’ll share how we’ve implemented AI in our operations.

Gaming Industry Update

In the past year, the gaming industry has undergone considerable changes, as shown by numerous data points. The future outlook is promising, with potential growth arising from both organic and inorganic investments. Acquisitions and mergers with smaller game developers are becoming increasingly prevalent, with the goal of boosting engagement and monetization. Successful mobile gaming launches highlight the importance of connected franchises, cross-progression, and cohesive gaming experiences. Here are some key statistics to illustrate these trends:

  • Hypercasual mobile games: 12.3B downloads in 2022, down 10.2% from 13.7B in 2021
  • Average console sales: $2.0M in Jan-Feb, down 18.9% from $2.5M in Q1’22
  • VC investors: 36.0% feel they missed windfall opportunities due to underinvestment in metaverse tech
  • Steam: 32.9M average concurrent users in Q1’23, up 12.0% from 29.4M in Q1’22
  • Twitch: 2.5M average concurrent viewers in Q1’23, down 12.1% from 2.8M in Q1’22
  • PC gamers: 39.0% likely to buy a new gaming PC in 2022, down from 55.0% in 2021
  • NFT sales: $19.3M average in Q1’23, down 81.9% from $106.8M in Q1’22
  • Gaming investments: 13.3% Web3-related in Q1’23, down from 29.5% in Q1’22
  • GDC survey: 65.0% respondents developing on PC in 2023, up from 63.0% in 2022
  • VC funding: 1.6% went to women-only gaming startups in the US in 2022
  • Fortnite eSports prize pool: $2.1M in March, down 30.0% from $3.0M in March 2022
  • Mobile usage: 4.4 hours/day per user in the US in 2022, up 4.8% from 4.2 hours in 2021

When it comes to game selection at Catheon Gaming, we take into account the latest industry trends and statistics. As we can see from the data points above, mobile gaming remains a popular choice for gamers, with hypercasual games still attracting billions of downloads. However, the decline in console sales indicates a shift in the gaming landscape towards mobile and PC gaming. With 39.0% of PC gamers likely to buy a new gaming PC in 2022, we see an opportunity to target this segment with high-quality PC games that cater to their preferences.

As the GDC survey shows an increase in developers developing on PC, we recognize the importance of this platform when considering new game development. Our aim is to ensure that our games align with these emerging trends and preferences, as we create cohesive gaming experiences that connect across different platforms. Additionally, the decline in NFT sales and Web3-related gaming investments highlights the need for a more practical and sustainable approach to monetization in the gaming industry. Our game selection strategy is informed by these trends and data points, as we aim to provide enjoyable experiences for all types of gamers.

GDC Update

At the 2023 GDC, Catheon Gaming was particularly interested in the advancements in AI technology and metaverse capabilities. Inworld AI’s update to its Learning Language Model and Arm’s Immortalis-G715 GPU with Adaptive Performance present opportunities for enhancing our game development processes. We also took note of the strategic gaming partnerships, such as Polygon and Immutable’s collaboration in the Web3 gaming space. Additionally, Incredibuild’s distributed computing architecture and Movella’s Xsens motion capture technology and OBSKUR live streaming platform are worth exploring as potential tools to improve our game development and player experience. Overall, we are excited to see the latest innovations in AI and metaverse technology and how they can be applied to our games at Catheon Gaming.

Catheon Gaming Boosts Productivity and Creativity with AI Integration

Our team has effectively integrated AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, into various aspects of our work, enhancing productivity and outcomes. AI-powered solutions contribute to areas like coding, game development, and even drafting legal documents. Furthermore, AI streamlines our business development activities, conserving time and resources.

By employing AI algorithms for predictive analytics, we can make well-informed decisions based on data, while ChatGPT enhances our customer service quality. AI-powered automation tools optimize our internal processes, reducing operational costs and boosting overall efficiency.

Our creative projects have greatly benefited from AI capabilities in content creation, design, marketing campaigns, and product design. In the realm of game development, AI has improved gameplay, refined game mechanics, and generated visually realistic in-game assets. AI-driven analysis of player behavior allows us to tailor our games to a broader range of preferences, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all players.

As we continue to explore AI’s potential, we aim to innovate and capitalize on opportunities to generate new revenue streams and disrupt traditional industry practices.

Business Development Update

Our Business Development team has seen growth in the number of interested companies, developers, and developer studios, and we are now in advanced talks with 16 of them. This reflects our commitment to diverse partnerships, and we are excited to explore new opportunities. The overall count of active discussions across different channels has also significantly risen, indicating that more companies are interested in working with us.

In conclusion, Catheon Gaming has made remarkable progress lately. Thanks to promising partnerships, insights from GDC, and AI integration, we are dedicated to pushing the limits of gaming technology and delivering memorable experiences for players. Last week, we also had an AMA to talk about our progress in the gaming industry. We received valuable feedback from our players and partners, and we will continue to put out AMAs regularly to keep everyone updated with our team and what we’re doing. We are committed to delivering high-quality games and building strong relationships with our community.

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