Traditional game referral program

Catheon Gaming is a leading Play-to-Earn and blockchain gaming studio, and the partner of choice for the most successful and highest quality traditional games. We provide an end-to-end solution to take their traditional game into the blockchain in the shortest time period possible, covering blockchain conversion, NFT’s creation / sales, marketing and community building, fundraising, and token creation / listing.

We are pleased to announce the details of our referral program to reward referrals to traditional game studios who we successfully partner with. The referral amount is up to USD1 million per game studio successfully referred, payable in the tokens of the initial game title signed.

Token market capitalisation upon listing^
Referral reward*
More than $100 million
Between $50 million and $100 million
Less than $50 million

^Note that the amount awarded will be in tokens of the initial game title signed and will be pegged to the Day 1 token price upon listing

*Referral must lead to a successful partnership and listing of token on an exchange. 25% of the referral reward to be paid upon listing, with the remaining 75% vested monthly in tokens over 24 months after a 6 month cliff

Referral Form