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Catheon Gaming Launches Incubation Program

Michael Abadha

Catheon Gaming, a blockchain gaming and entertainment firm, has announced that it will be offering an Entrepreneur in Residence program. Catheon’s incubation program strives to bring the smartest and brightest ideas from the industry to Catheon. All participants will benefit from Catheon’s extensive domain knowledge, financial resources, and technical competence. As a result, the organization has designed the program in a way that encourages and rewards entrepreneurship.

Catheon’s qualification criteria

Catheon is looking for NFT or blockchain-related project entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of success. They’ll be self-starters with a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to put in the work to get things done. Catheon’s 200+-strong team of gaming, business, and blockchain industry expertise will be there to help them. To learn more about the Entrepreneur in Residence program, interested parties can visit the Catheon website.

What’s in it for the entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs will have to take up multiple roles and contribute in a variety of ways throughout the company’s various divisions. Also, the entrepreneurs will get the chance to serve as Project Leaders on some of Catheon’s most important games. On the other hand, the company is hopes that the initiative would help in the acceleration of its expansion. Additionally, it will provide a boost to aspiring blockchain game developers and entrepreneurs.

One of the company’s main goals is to provide the best-in-class blockchain games to as wide an audience as possible by partnering with premier game developers and intellectual property owners. SolChicks, the company’s main franchise, debuted on the market following a successful round of funding from a variety of VCs and startup accelerators. They have extensive blockchain industry experience, as well as a wide range of knowledge in the gaming and marketing industries.

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