Catheon Update (21–Feb–23)

Over the past two weeks, our business development team has been working tirelessly to establish new partnerships with various game companies and studios. When presenting our platform and services to potential partners, we have been thrilled by their reception and how receptive these companies and studios have been to the idea of partnering with us to fill the much-needed gap in the market for quality blockchain gaming. It’s exciting to see that our vision and goals for the future of gaming align with those of our potential partners, and we are eager to work together to offer innovative and engaging games to our users. Through our 92 productive meetings and calls, we’ve been able to share our vision and goals for the future of gaming, and it’s clear that these conversations have been productive and impactful.

As we move forward, we are actively pursuing partnerships with 37 companies, developers, or developer studios that we have already sent term sheets or partnership agreements to. We are confident that these partnerships will help us expand our reach, increase our revenue, and offer even more exciting games to our users. Additionally, we’d like to briefly share with you that we have three leads that have progressed the furthest in our talks, and we believe that these partnerships will be a great addition to the Catheon Gaming network.

Project 1: This is a AAA quality game that has caught our attention, and we’re exploring a potential marketing/publishing agreement with their team. Such a partnership could not only create a new revenue stream for us, but also accelerate the game’s growth as it evolves into the blockchain space. We’re excited about the possibilities and are exploring how we can best support this promising project.

Project 2: We’re talking to a game studio about partnering to bring high-quality games to our platform. With their expertise and knowledge of web2 gaming, we’re confident they can help us identify titles that align with our vision for web3. This partnership will enhance the player experience and create new opportunities for engagement and monetization. We see great potential in this partnership and are eager to explore it further.

Project 3: We’re currently in negotiations with a company about a consulting agreement in which Catheon will provide advisory services to support their growth. This type of partnership has the potential to generate significant revenue for us, as we work to assist their project in achieving substantial growth. Our services would include community building, fundraising support, marketing, and introductions to potential investors. We’re confident that our expertise and support can help them succeed, and we’re excited about the possibilities this partnership could bring.

By working together, we can bring significant value to Catheon Gaming, our community, supporters, and investors, while also providing new and innovative games that meet the changing needs of the industry. We are dedicated to building strong partnerships with other companies to provide the best possible gaming experience for our users.

About Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming is the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company globally, with a portfolio of over 20 games as of 10 June 2022. The company’s flagship franchise, SolChicks, entered the market following successful fundraising from various venture capital investors, institutions, and launchpad partners. The company brings technical, gaming, and marketing expertise together with deep roots in the blockchain industry. The company’s strategy is to partner with leading game developers and IP-holders to incubate and launch “best-in-class” blockchain games and bring them to the widest possible audience.

our mission

To unleash the power and rewards of blockchain technology to the world by creating enjoyable, collective experiences through gaming, entertainment and the metaverse.

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