Artisse Interactive Launches Groundbreaking AI Generative Image App

Dear Catheon Community,

We are thrilled to announce some significant developments in our company’s journey. Our mission at Catheon Gaming has always been to push the boundaries of technology and creativity. Today, we are taking a giant leap forward.

Over the past few months, we have been diligently forming partnerships and signing contracts that will shape our future. Our insights about the state of blockchain gaming and progress can be found in our Medium articles. This year, we have successfully signed 19 term sheets, which have been instrumental in expanding our portfolio, introducing new games, fostering marketing partnerships, and integrating additional developer studios into the Catheon ecosystem.

Among these partnerships, we are proud to highlight a few key collaborations. First, we’ve established a strategic partnership with Samsung, a global leader in technology. This partnership provides us with premium app placement within Samsung’s Galaxy Store and additional marketing and user acquisition support.

We are now the blockchain publisher for canVERSE Games, a game studio based out of the UK with a team of 24 people and with centuries of experience across AAA VR games, including for Varjo and Tilt Five’s holographic tabletop AR platform, and major game studios like EA, Atari, Sony Playstation, Google, and NVIDIA. We will be publishing their AAA VR + AR metaverse game that is focused on table-top games like chess, checkers, and backgammon, and where pieces can be captured as NFTs. We welcome canVERSE as a valuable addition to the Catheon Gaming ecosystem. More information can be found here and here.

Additionally, we’ve secured a blockchain publishing agreement with Fabwelt Studios, known for producing high-quality blockchain games like Arsenal, Fanwelt, H20, The R Games, Battle Saga, Shoefy, and Penguin Karts. We will be publishing The R Games, a cutting-edge racing game using the Unreal 5 engine which promises a gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of realism and immersion. Fabwelt’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our own, and we’re excited to bring their games over to Catheon and the broader web3 community. More information on Fabwelt can be found here.

What’s more, we’re excited to be advancing partnerships with Tamasha and HookApps, both of which operate in the skill-based gaming space. With a wide array of offerings for sports fans, card lovers, and boardgame aces alike, their quality titles deeply enrich our portfolio, and open mutual opportunities to give our players a more diverse offering of gameplay options.

These collaborations speak to our commitment to providing unparalleled gaming experiences in the blockchain sphere and beyond.

But we’re not stopping there.

Our work has now extended beyond the confines of blockchain gaming, and the next chapter in our story begins with an exploration of the transformative potential of AI. We have spent the last year leveraging AI to create a realistic K-pop virtual idol for one of our projects, Seoul Stars. Our technology is now so advanced that we are able to create hyper-realistic faces that we believe are perfect substitutes for real photos. We believe there is great opportunity to commercialize the technology that we have developed beyond the domain of blockchain gaming.

We want to democratize and redefine the world of photography. Traditional photography has always been an elaborate process, requiring time, cost, and expertise. We’re disrupting this narrative by making it possible for anyone to generate perfect photos in a matter of minutes, thanks to our revolutionary AI generative image app.

We have developed an AI generative image app specifically designed for realistic self-photos. Our AI app is capable of training itself on a user’s existing image and users can subsequently use any combination of text or image input to generate unlimited photos of that user in any setting, posture, clothing, hairstyle or facial expression in a matter of minutes. This level of hyper-realistic and indistinguishable photo generation, particularly for Asians, is an industry-first.

We’ve identified a significant opportunity globally and particularly in the China and Korea markets, where “beautifying-editing” apps like Meitu have seen tremendous adoption, especially among young women. With this in mind, we plan to release Chinese, Korean, and English versions of our apps within the next four weeks. More information is available in our presentation on the Artisse website.

As we evolve and expand our reach beyond gaming, we find it fitting to rename our company to better reflect our widened scope and ambition. Henceforth, Catheon Gaming will be known as Artisse Interactive. The blockchain gaming part of the business will be known as Artisse Gaming, while the consumer division will be named Artisse AI. Our social media profiles will be updated to reflect this change.

Our new name and branding does not disrupt the functionality or vesting of the Catheon token. In the short term, the name of the token will not change however we will look to update this in time. There is no action required on the part of token holders. We see this as a positive change for the token and the overall Artisse Gaming business and opens the door to potentially even greater utility and use cases in the long run. The Catheon token will continue to serve as Artisse Gaming’s governance token, maintaining its integral role within our ecosystem.

Furthermore, in the spirit of shared growth and community engagement, we are investigating the mechanics of granting a portion of the Artisse AI’s equity to the Artisse DAO (a special purpose legal entity associated with the token). This would allow our existing token holders to participate in the governance of Artisse AI and improve value alignment between stakeholders. More details will be shared in due course as plans are formalized.

We are grateful for your unwavering support and belief in our mission. We are excited about the new possibilities we’re creating and look forward to continuing this journey with you.



CEO, Artisse Interactive

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