War of GAMA

War of GAMA incorporates all the well-loved MMORPG elements that gamers desire, while removing the grinding time with idle gameplay to keep time-poor mobile players engaged. 3 years since its initial inception, the Gamamobi team has developed an incredibly rich and detailed game world and player experience. The game is set in the middle ages where a space-time rift caused the release of formidable monsters. In their fight for survival, feudal kingdoms muster together their most gallant warriors to defeat them. The game offers countless hours of entertainment and strategic player progression with PVE and PVP modes through the magical world.

Recognising that RPGs have consistently been the top-grossing mobile gaming category, Catheon Gaming and Gamamobi are extremely excited to be bringing this top-tier game to the blockchain. The Gamamobi team brings decades of game development experience from the early days of online web gaming to the current mobile gaming paradigm. The team has been part of a string of blockbuster mobile games with over $200m generated in lifetime gross revenue, including Saint Seiya: Awakening First Impression and Teenage 3 Kingdom 2. The team has also been able to form a partnership with Lisa from BLACKPINK for one of their current titles.

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