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Aussie NFT Project ‘SolChicks’ Has Raised $77 Million in 6 Months

Since September 2021, Australian play-to-earn blockchain gaming company SolChicks has raised A$77 million from venture capital and institutional investment funds, as well as hiring more than 100 staff.

Powered by the high-speed Solana blockchain, SolChicks is scheduled for an “alpha” mini-game release next month and an official release exactly a year after its founding.

SolChicks Joins Seoul Stars and Angrymals in the Catheon Gaming Stable

A pair of Australian finance graduates, chief executive William Wu – based in Shanghai – and CEO Lewis Grafton of Sydney have in six months grown SolChicks into a game studio with two other titles. The duo’s Catheon Gaming team (and parent company) is based in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.PARTNER ADVERTISEMENT

Catheon’s other games are the Korean-themed Seoul Stars, a “sing-to-earn” game endorsed by K-pop stars, and Angrymals, a player-versus-player fortress defence strategy mobile game inspired by Angry Birds and Worms. But SolChicks is the flagship, said to be similar to traditional RPG titles such as Darkest Dungeon or Diablo, except that the players are “cute chicken characters” that can be bought and sold as NFTs on Solana.

How the Game Works

NFT characters are stored in a digital wallet (the developers recommend Phantom or SolFlare). There are only 10,000 unique origin SolChicks, but players who own two will be allowed to breed them to produce SolEggs. Breeding SolChicks creates unique NFTs that can be sold in the marketplace for profit.

The original SolChicks fall into one of five categories based on the rarity of their attributes. Players can progress their SolChicks through 60 levels, from Tutorial, through Fledgling and Progression, and finally Endgame.

SolChicks are highly customisable based on their primary and secondary stats, which can be improved through buying and adding NFT attributes. Players are urged to “bond” with their SolChick – they need to regularly “feed” it and participate in PvP (player versus player) battles with it to gain experience.

What Players Can Earn

Players are ranked on a weekly basis according to their level and achievements, and rewarded with CHICKS tokens. Users can earn the in-game currency SolCoins, and may also sell and trade their in-game assets and rewards as NFTs.

SolChicks has over 350,000 followers on Twitter and says its community consists of 700,000 across 20 countries. The demo version of the game is currently available to all aspiring players through the SolChicks website.


🥇 3700 for 94 SOL ($8397 USD)
🥈 5403 for 80 SOL ($7146 USD)
🥉 4885 for 17 SOL ($1518 USD)

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