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A Dive into the Earning Opportunities on SolChicks

The Play-to-Earn ecosystem has been evolving with new opportunities and innovations, and SolChicks is at the forefront of this. Metaverse’s concept may have been created by SciFi authors, but the blockchain space has done a lot to build on it. Before the coming of the likes of SolChicks, people had to make do with using Play-to-Earn platforms that were based on a network with low scalability and high transaction fees. Solana blockchain is solving the aforementioned issues, and in extension, users of this Play-to-Earn platform are not perturbed by high gas fees and ridiculously slow speed. 

The business model of a Play-to-Earn ecosystem offers blockchain gamers revenue streams when they participate actively in tasks. In some platforms, players are expected to engage in tasks like battles, farming their piece of land, and even raising animals. On SolChicks, there are different playing levels, and they come with varying earning opportunities. 

How to earn with SolChicks?

SolChicks’ Play-to-Earn model has various reward systems designed to offer both active and passive streams of revenue. Participating in SolChicks is a rewarding experience that offers an insight into the metaverse while offering revenue streams. 

  • Quarterly Leaderboard Prizes

A key aspect of this ecosystem’s architecture is the leaderboard system, which ranks every community user based on their participation. Active gamers that carry out activities like raising their chicks or even staking the utility token-  $CHICKS tokens- may climb up the ladder in real-time. To reward community members, those at the top of the weekly leaderboard or MMR rankings are eligible to earn $CHICKS tokens.  

Every week, the top rankers are rewarded with the $CHICKS tokens, which bestows governance rights on them. 

  • Breeding

Gamers in this ecosystem spend their days breeding SolChicks and ticking other tasks to earn NFTs, as well as $CHICK tokens. Another revenue stream that players benefit from is breeding their SolChicks, attending to their needs, and selling them in the marketplace. Usually, the buyers pay the native tokens for these chicks. As the demand skyrockets, the value is expected to do the same if the basic Economics law of demand and supply is followed. 

  • In-Game Rewards

Like its name states, the Play-to-Earn mechanism is based on the underlying concept of in-game rewards. SolChicks has a myriad of in-game rewards such as NFT items, Shards of Love (SLC), and other collectibles that can be exchanged in the ecosystem or on other real-world exchanges. For completing a specified task, a user may be entitled to a collectible, which can be stored or sold to other players. 

  • In-Game Currency

In the metaverse, there is an in-game currency called SolCoins that avatars use in their daily activities. Active avatars may win this currency, which has an appreciative effect on the return on investment of players. 

SolCoins is the currency of the metaverse, while $CHICKS is the governance or native token of the ecosystem. With the native token, gamers can submit proposals and vote on changes in the platform. As for SolCoins, its utility lies in the daily activities in the metaverse. 

In Conclusion…

SolChicks is following the playbook of the Play-to-Earn concept by adding multiple revenue streams for active gamers. The thrill that comes with navigating one’s avatar through the metaverse, growing one’s business, and interacting with other players are some perks of using the SolChicks’ ecosystem.

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